Circle Areas

Our circles meet regularly in areas around Nottinghamshire.

Circle meetings are usually held on a weekday evening. They are a great way to meet other families, play games, tell stories, relax and make friends with your child, and plan meetups and expeditions.

Expeditions usually happen during weekends. Expeditions are our signature trips and can include camping, museum sleepovers, adventure weekends, indoor skiing, and trips to the sea.

The YMCA Adventure Guides programme strengthens the bond between parents and their children through engaging and fun regular activities. The programme provides an opportunity for parents and fathers in particular to take an active role within their child’s development. Parents will support children and guide them through a range of activities, helping them to build on their skills, confidence, and ultimately their relationship.

In 2016 Nottinghamshire YMCA were successful in a funding bid from the Big Lottery Reaching Communities fund, granting 4 years of support for specific areas in Nottingham to introduce and carry out this unique programme. The areas consist of:


Killisick estate


Chetwynd Barracks/Chilwell area





The Meadows

If your family falls within these funded areas you are eligible to not only join the programme but also apply for scholarships towards some of the activity costs.

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