Camp Williams

4 - 7 years

Camp Williams

8 - 15 years

Wollaton: Booking

Make a separate booking for each child.

If you would rather speak to a person, call our booking team on 0115 711 7006 to secure your place.

You will need:

  • To be the child's parent or carer.
  • Contact details of at least two emergency contacts.
  • Details of any medical conditions or special requirements.
In the event that I cannot be reached to make arrangements for medical treatment, I authorise YMCA staff to administer first aid or transport my child to the nearest hospital or emergency care facility.

*I certify that this child has been examined by a licensed GP/Doctor in the past 12 months and is able to participate in Nottinghamshire YMCA’s day camps programme. The health history is correct to my knowledge. The child above has permission to engage in all prescribed activities and trips, except as noted by the examining GP/Doctor and me.

3. Parent / carer details:

4a. Primary emergency contact details:

4b. Additional authorised people:

Who can pick up your child.

5. Admission agreement:

I agree to read through the parent handbook with my child before each camp. (NB: These are available at and Any updates will be sent to you via the email address you have provided above)
I give permission for my child to be transported in an authorised YMCA Vehicle for activities off site.

I give Nottinghamshire YMCA or an organisation approved by Nottinghamshire YMCA to take photogaphy/film of my child(ren) to be used in YMCA promotions including social networking. (NB: We will never use your child’s name in promotional material without your permission.)
Nottinghamshire YMCA may send me emails and other marketing about their services and programmes