YMCA digital summer arts academy


Date: 13th - 17th August

Time: 10am - 3pm Monday to Friday 

Location: NGY myplace

Price: £120 for the full week, additional £30 for Arts Awards participation (optional)


An all new YMCA digital arts academy is coming to NGYmyplace this summer! Designed to inspire, support, and develop young people through creative arts and digital media, young people ages 11-18 will get the chance to work with industry professional and learn skills in:

  • Radio broadcasting
  • Music production and tech
  • Singing and vocal techniques
  • Performance styles 
  • DJing and MCing
Over the course of the week, participants will be working towards a Bronze Arts Award! The Bronze Arts Award is a national qualification that builds confidence through nurturing the individual interests of young people, while also equipping them with life skills that will support their education and future employment.  Arts Award Supporters, advisers and alumni have impressive stories to tell about these qualifications and our community is growing every year. Read their inspiring success stories at and 
Arts Award Section
What learners should demonstrate through their evidence
Evidence Required
Part A: Explore the arts as a participant
- Participation in any art form
- Improvement in personal arts practice
- A description of their arts activity
- Evidence of participating in their arts activity (eg through written/recorded diary logs, annotated photographs, notes, comments or feedback)
- A summary of what they have learnt and how their interests, knowledge and skills have developed
Part B: Explore the arts as an audience member
- Experience of one or more arts events
- Reflection on personal enjoyment and quality of the arts event(s)
- Participation in discussion about the arts event(s)
- Evidence of at least one arts event, eg programme, postcards, photographs , Ads or DVDs
- Evidence of personal reflection on the event and it’s creative impact, eg written or recorded comments
- Evidence of communicating personal reflection/sharing with one or more people, eg photographs, comments from adviser, recorded reflection, CDs or DVDs"
Part C: Arts inspiration
- Simple research into, and appreciation of, the work of an artist, craftsperson or arts practitioner
- What they have learnt from the research into the person’s arts career, life and work
- Evidence of their research, eg notes, photographs or recordings
- A summary, in any format that others can understand, of what they have found out, why the person was chosen and what they learned about that person’s arts career, life and work
Part D: Arts skills share - passing on arts skills to others
- Discussion with their adviser or another arts professional about the plans for their arts skills share
- Delivery of their arts skills share
- How well they passed on their skills
- An explanation of their activity , why they chose it and the plans they’ve made
- Evidence of the active and how they passed on their skills to others
- Reflection on how well they passed on their skills

You can also contact the YMCA digital team by emailing or by calling 0115 711 7006.