Encourage and support your child to learn new skills and be active with fun, engaging and playful sports

First sports gets young children active from the age of two, in an educational, non-competitive and fun environment.

Led by experienced coaches, children are introduced and develop key skills learning through enjoyable group play activities. Children are supported by their parents as their self-confidence and social skills grow.

Our vision is to increase long-term participation and enjoyment of healthy activities and sport in children.

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Children learn to play sports with their parents. Parents involvement with each session is what makes first sports great

Our football programme introduces very young players to the basics of sports, skills, playing as part of a team and physical fitness.

The focus is on development, achieved through fun and creative games with imaginative themes in a positive, energetic environment for children and their parents or carers.

Our football programme is also a great opportunity for parents and carers to meet, make friends and play with their children together.

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