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1871 is all about high quality coaching, for a community of people who dream big. We're constantly redefining our goals and YMCA Coaches are on hand throughout the process. Our programming is designed to be highly effective and welcoming to all, regardless of ability or starting point.

The 1871 programme is planned by YMCA Coaches. Skilled and experienced, our Coaches have developed a highly effective programme with strength and conditioning and CrossFit at it's heart. Each workout is different, and planned ahead of your session. Every workout can be scaled to any ability regardless of whether your goal is to compete, or climb the stairs without stopping for a rest; and no one gets left behind."

What's included?

Workouts programmed in advance and released each week

Our programme is planned over weeks and months and each workout is designed with a specific intention.

Each week YMCA Coaches programme a structured combination of strength and conditioning, and CrossFit.

We will help you to become healthier, stronger, faster and fitter.

1871 workouts

Sessions that last an hour

Unrivalled team atmosphere

YMCA Coaches guide you through correct form, approach to the workout and points of performance safely

All equipment is provided

Purpose built fitness space featuring hi spec strength and conditioning equipment

Doing things right

  • We pay relentless attention to form - and we think you should too. We'll guide you through the movements until you've mastered them - and then we'll do it some more.
  • We scale load and intensity. We don't change the programme.
  • No one gets left behind. We all stay on the floor until the last person finishes.
  • You won't just become fitter; you will learn technique, grow your potential and share all of this with a community that makes you feel right at home.

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1871 open gym

Time to perfect technique, practice movements and work on weaknesses.

Who is it for?

Everyone. It really is.

Our aim is to be welcoming and effective for all, regardless of starting point. With CrossFit and strength and conditioning we're making coaching and insight usually reserved for elite level athletes available for all.

It is perfectly normal for our fittest athletes to be working out with people new to the programme, members with chronic health problems or with restricted mobility.

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How do I get started?

We'll make sure you are ready before we throw you in the deep end - it's all about the fundamentals. Starting is easy and you can try us before you decide to join.

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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Much more than that: CrossFit is a global community of affiliates and athletes, and a sport.

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What is strength and conditioning?

Strength and conditioning is used by sports teams and athletes to improve performance and prevent injuries. These goals form the foundation of a programme designed to improve speed, agility, power, endurance, stability and build better movement patterns.