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21st Feb 19

'YMCA Housing team rebuilt Roger's sense of self-worth'

Roger Smith* referred himself to Nottinghamshire YMCA for support after a relationship breakdown with family left him homeless with mental health difficulties. With concentrated input from the charity’s housing team, Roger has slowly managed to rebuild his life and relationships, and now has big hopes for a brighter future.

1st Aug 18

Have a tipple for a good cause

The Kean's Head at the Lace Market, in Nottingham, will be donating profits from their infamous ‘Gin of the Week’ to Nottinghamshire YMCA after our own HR Advisor, Kate Haddigan, recently moonlighted as a mixologist at the pub.

5th Jul 18

YMCA Digital blog: Ben Felstead

Having been honoured with the Nottingham Roosevelt Memorial Scholarship, YMCA Digital’s Lead Youth Worker and Young Creatives Coordinator, Ben Felstead, explains below the impact such awards can have upon young people in Nottinghamshire.

1st Feb 17

"I believe that camp is an important place where children can be themselves"

Steve Scott, Children’s & Family Support Manager at our YMCA, has worked with YMCAs all over the world. From Greater Hartford's legendary Camp Jewell in America, to Victoria YMCA's Camp Mayung in Australia and Fairthorne Manor in Southampton - Steve is a bit of an expert when it comes to YMCA camps and holiday clubs. We asked Steve why he thinks camp is so great. This is what he said... - Kersti Fourcin, Nottinghamshire YMCA

28th Nov 16

Danny becomes Duty Manager

Danny started a twelve week work placement with us almost 3 years ago. He is now 5 months into his role as Duty Manager at YMCA gym. We asked him a few questions about his time with us and what makes his job so great...

24th Jun 16

First day butterflies

It’s crazy how fast May Camp flew by. Camp Fire Friday was an amazing end to a brilliant week filled with smiles, laughs and fun throughout. It sets the scene so well for the Summer, which we’re all really looking forward to here at HQ. But, for those of you who aren’t sure what to look forward to, let me take you back to the first morning of May camp 2016 at Camp Williams...

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