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19th Nov 14

#TheGames - week 7

Here it is. The final gym challenge of #TheGames! You can catch up with all the challanges next week before getting involved with #TheFinal on Saturday 29th November. We need a winner.

21st Oct 14

Life is better now

Not long ago, James and Liam were both homeless. They were experiencing family trouble, were in debt and had low self esteem. They referred themselves to our hostel on Shakespeare Street. Now “life is better” and they are living in YMCA Transitional Homes.  These are a step towards independent living as part of our Stage Progression programme. We met to talk about their move from Shakespeare Street Hostel into Transitional Homes, and how their lives have changed since

23rd Sep 14

“You’ve got nothing to lose, but weight”

Jon, 35, from Nottingham, has recently completed our 12 week Physical Activity on Referral Scheme (PAoRS). He started with very low self esteem and was struggling with ongoing depression.  Today, he talks about the buzz you can get from running, a healthier sleeping pattern and the ability to ‘draw a line’ under a bad day and move on.

Kersti Fourcin | PR & Comms

12th Sep 14

Residents create urban paradise

Four residents who have recently moved on from Shakespeare Street Hostel have pooled together a love of the outdoors and a commitment to helping each other. They have created a warm, welcoming garden to be proud of at their new home.

Kersti Fourcin | PR & Communications

6th Aug 14

Nikita on song writing, music videos and going global

When I arrive at NGY for 17 year old Nikita’s interview, she’s plugged into a microphone. The energy that comes with her lyrics is infectious.  Dre, our Youth Worker, drags Nikita away from the mic to chat to us about what inspires her and where she sees herself in 10 years time.

Kersti Fourcin | PR & Comms

31st Jul 14

The positive path to feeling fit

When Nagina, 38, began our physical activity on referral programme she found day to day tasks a struggle and lacked confidence, motivation and energy. 6 months later, Nagina has lost nearly 3 stone, is glowing with positivity and has a new found love for Zumba! Kersti Fourcin, PR & Comms, caught up with Nagina at YMCA gym.

9th Jun 14

PAoRS delivers new husband

Our Physical Activity on Referral Scheme (PAoRS) has been established for over 8 years. Nottinghamshire YMCA’s instructors have developed specific programmes to rehabilitate Nottinghamshire’s residents with medical problems; from diabetes to depression. Kersti Fourcin (PR & Comms) took some time to learn more about Terry’s and Jean’s story, and their experience of the cardiac rehab programme.

1st Nov 13

I have been in hospital for 4 months now and all I really want is to be able to go home again.

Frankie, 15, will be discharged from hospital in Nottingham next week after 4 months being treated for Sensory Modulation Dysfunction. To be able to live safely in her own home, Frankie needs a sensory room which will provide a space for her to de-stress and manage day-to-day living.  Frankie’s family do not currently have space in their house for sensory equipment and are facing the possibility of Frankie going into care.

11th Oct 13

Thomas the trainee.

Thomas started his Level 2 Gym Instructing course in September, and will be going on to do Level 3 Personal Training and an indoor group cycling qualification. We caught up with him yesterday to see how his placement is going.