Case Studies

Vicky's Premium One Billboard Jade's Premium One Billboard

Vicky - Joined premium one June 2015

Age: 29

Fitness History: played netball since school. Now coaches under 11s and plays Saturday league. Various gym memberships. Self proclaimed ‘cardio junky’.

Occupational Lifestyle: Desk job in the city

Personal Goal: “Get strong!”

Vicky has a history of sport and exercise as well as an ongoing struggle with yo-yo dieting. She has played netball for her local team since the age of 15 and has been coaching young netball players since she graduated from university in 2009. Before joining premium one, Vicky worked out at her local gym in Kirkby, as well as occasionally at YMCA gym as she works at Nottinghamshire YMCA’s main offices.

I wasn’t achieving what I wanted to achieve anymore. I wasn’t improving.“ I wasn’t pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Premium one is what I expected, but more. I knew I would have one to one sessions but I didn’t realise just how much support I would get. It’s gone above and beyond and it’s great how available Nathaniel (Fitness Specialist) is.”

Just 8 months in and Vicky is stronger and fitter than ever before.

“My netball has really improved; my stamina, my strength. I don’t do as much cardio anymore but it’s actually made me better. I’ve learnt so much; using free weights... being able to do pull ups! I guess a big thing is that I’m not scared to try new things anymore.

Vicky’s focus has changed too. “Dieting has messed me up in the past. Now I want to be strong more than I want to be skinny. It’s taken a long time to get used to diet plans where I’m actually eating more. My body fat has decreased since I started and I’m a lot stronger. Losing weight is more a bi-product of getting stronger.”

Vicky also feels more confident in herself when using the gym to work on her personal programme. “I feel comfortable and confident being trained by the fitness specialists here. It can feel threatening working out around men in gyms. It’s just not like that on premium one. I don’t feel intimidated using the free weights anymore either.”

When Vicky started her premium one membership she set herself a goal of being able to do a pull up at the end of her first 6 months. It’s 7 months in and Vicky has 3 linked pull ups as well as a back squat PB that most of us would be proud of.

We’re proud to have Vicky as the female face of our premium one campaign.

Jade - Joined premium one July 2015

Age: 31

Fitness History: American football and YMCA gym membership

Occupational Lifestyle: Desk job in the city

Personal Goal: “Compete in a triathlon”

Jade ruptured his Achilles tendon last year. He’d been given some rehabilitation advice from Nathaniel (Fitness Specialist) whilst he was on a regular membership at YMCA gym, but decided it was time to up his game again.

“I knew I couldn’t carry on like that. I needed to try something different. Something different from lifting heavy weights and eating a high calorie diet. Turns out that’s not as easy as I thought. You can’t just do some different weights and wait for something to happen. They need to be specific to the sport you’re trying to do.”

Nathaniel and Jade have worked together to improve Jade’s posture and in turn his technique when weight-lifting and cardio training. “The thing with classes is that you look around and you’re doing exactly the same work as everyone else. It’s not about what you’re training for, your capabilities, your max. I really feel like I’m getting the most out of all the equipment available.”

“I used to avoid cardio like the plague. Since joining premium one I can run. My swimming has improved. That’s a funny one, because there isn’t a pool here but it doesn’t matter. Nathaniel has given me interval workouts to improve my speed and stamina.

Fitness specialists use MyPTHub to get in touch with clients and keep them on track, as well as send them workouts. Clients can also use the app to get in touch with fitness instructors. “It’s great being able to run stuff by Nathaniel. I do send him useless stuff too... I sent him a photo of Henry Cavill [the new superman] the other day and just put ‘goals’. Nathaniel was just like, ‘we’ll get there mate.’ Seriously though, that’s what I used to want. I used to just want abs. I mean, now I want to look fit, but I’m not bothered about the six pack. I want to get fitter, and impress Nathaniel! Looking better is the outcome of that.”

Jade uses most of his premium one time working on the programme Nathaniel has put together for him, but has really enjoyed taking part in group sessions too. He and Vicky helped each other out in a bench press sequence recently. “Helping Vicky to lift more made me push myself. I thought; “I can’t just sit here benching my normal weight. I’ve got to up my game.” ”

Jade is a lot more focused since starting premium one. He understands how his training programme and nutritional intake will help him be the best he can in his first triathlon. “My girlfriend bought me Tupperware as a present recently. That’s different. I’ve changed.”

We’re proud to have Jade as the male face of our premium one campaign.