Fitness Specialists

Nataniel, Lead fitness specialist for Premium one

Nathaniel Soderberg

Lead Fitness Specialist for premium one

  • BSc(Hons) Sport Studies
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • NASM Internationally Certified Personal Trainer
  • NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

I have 3 years experience of working in the fitness industry including one year as strength and conditioning intern for Nottingham Trent University with their performance teams and TASS athletes.

I have always played some form of sport and I’ve coached sports for a long time. It was in the coaching that I discovered a love of helping people get better. Being able to combine fitness and my coaching - it was a pretty obvious decision for me to make to work in the industry. For me there is something awesome about being able to see a change in someone and know that in some small or big way I have had an impact on their life.

With the premium one membership we don't offer a quick fix! We want to see individuals develop into the best they can be, and to be able to make the most out of life - and you get to do that surrounded by some pretty awesome coaches and members. That’s what I love about this membership.

This year I am focusing on developing my Olympic lifting, especially the snatch so at the moment I am going through a lot of mobility and technique training to help me be able to perform the Olympic lifts, which is actually more painful and difficult then it sounds. I am having to be really patient with it, so I can relate to my clients and am on my own fitness journey with them.

Adam, Lead fitness specialist for health+

Adam Cheetham

Lead Fitness Specialist for health+

  • Level 3 Personal trainer
  • Level 3 Exercise on referral Instructor
  • Level 4 obeisity and diabetes specialist
  • Level 4 Cardiac rehabilitation specialist
  • Level 4 Cancer rehabilitation specialist
  • Kettlebell instructor
  • Schwinn cycling instructor
  • First aid at work
  • Automated external defibrillator trained

I have 7 years experience of delivering the exercise referral programme with Nottinghamshire YMCA, and 1 year as a gym instructor.

I love the post exercise feeling. As a child I was always in and out of hospital with severe asthma, this gave me the motivation to get fit as soon as I was old enough to join a gym. I then decided that I could translate my experience to help others with similar chronic health conditions achieve their own fitness goals.

Recently, I have taken part in 2 national indoor rowing championships. My short term goal is to break the 7 minute barrier for a 2000m row. My longer term goal is to row 2000min 6 minutes 30 seconds. I also take part in other exercise competitions to be the best I can be. Training for consists of constantly varied functional exercise, lung busting rowing intervals plus strength and endurance weight training.

Premium one and health+ are both memberships I think highly of:

  • I like the small group training element
  • The community spirit that is present with everyone wanting each other to succeed
  • The 'cheering each other on' and 'high 5's' during and at the end of the workouts
  • Expect the unexpected, the unthinkable and the unknowable

"You are your own person, compare yourself to you and not what anybody else can do" sums premium one up.

Kristian, Fitness specialist for Premium one

Kristian Pugh

Fitness Specialist

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Level 2 Instructor in Indoor Cycling
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor - Group Exercise to Music
  • Kettlebell Instructor

I am an experienced Personal Trainer having worked with a wide range of clients training for Sports Specific, general wellbeing and aesthetic goals. I regularly instruct a diverse range of classes and have been personally involved with Gym work from a young age.

Exercise has always been something that has helped me to feel good about myself. When training others it is a rewarding feeling taking them through a fitness journey, where your training and advice has a huge impact in improving their lives and the way that they feel about themselves.

I like premium one because we are building a community within our gym of like minded people who are serious and focused about achieving their own personal fitness goals. All of our premium one members are very supportive and motivational towards each other so it has become a great team building experience.

My personal fitness goal is to feel good about myself, whether that be through the way that I look or achieving new things through my training. At the moment I am a big fan of H.I.I.T. and High Volume workouts

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