What's included?

Our own fitness specialists are responsible for the design of our unique programme. Here is a breakdown of what to expect:

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Small group personal training

Small group personal training sessions combine the attention of a personal training session with an unrivalled team atmosphere. Our small group PT sessions are only available to premium one members so you’ll be working out with like-minded people. 3 group personal training sessions are included in your membership every week.

Join a fitness community

Our community of like minded people love working out together in an unrivalled team atmosphere. We push ourselves and support each other.

Training Journal

Accountability to the future you

We’ll provide you with a training journal every quarter. The perfect place to store details or workouts, progress photos, tips from the team and more.

Expert Coaching

An expert exercise specialist will look at how you move in detail. We’ll identify how you can move more efficiently and provide you with the tools to improve.


We’ll create achievable targets and monitor your progress. We’ll make sure you get faster, stronger and fitter.

Group fitness testing

Expert insight, benchmarks and motivation

The true test. We look at what you can achieve. What are your limits? Every three months we will use scientific methods to measure your fitness in detail.

Premium one tee - You can’t buy this tee! Wear it with pride.


Education and inspiration

Our fitness specialists share articles and insight on their knowledge blog. We cover topics such as movement, mobility, nutrition, strength and more..

Membership of YMCA gym

24 hr access. City centre location

Of course, you will have full membership at YMCA gym. Members love our gym, the team, the classes, our fantastic range of equipment and its community atmosphere. Find out more about our gym

Nottinghamshire YMCA membership

Our community

Each month, £1 of your membership fees will go to support the Nottinghamshire YMCA to increase opportunities for people in our community. We support people to access programmes who might not otherwise be able to due to their financial situation.

Optional Extras

Personal training sessions

Accountability to us, insight from us

This is your time. Meet regularly to drive your progress. You’ll get guidance on your workouts and set goals specific to your biomechanics, body composition and training targets. We will recommend specific workouts, look at technique and review your personal programme.

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