Why Settled Care?

We opened our first Settled Care home in 2011. The YMCA is one of the few charities to home and look after children.

There is a real need for homes for vulnerable children. The population of children in care has increased to the point where now, over 1400 children in Nottinghamshire find themselves in care.

We were compelled to step in and help improve the lives of children. Our response to the concerns of people in our community was to design a new type of programme based around the family. Our small scale 'family unit' model has at it's very heart the same aspirations children in care that the majority of parents have for their own sons and daughters.

Furthermore, we realised old style larger 'children's homes' present challenges that can prevent children from growing and developing in to productive and positive members of their community. 

Our YMCA has considerable expertise in providing day camps, sports, family programmes, childcare, youth programmes and youth health and fitness

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