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Skills Clinics

As well as camp rallies, group games, swimming, performances and more, 8 - 15 year olds on our full programme at Camp Williams will also take part in skills clinics.

All of our skills clinics are designed to be fun and challenging! By the end of camp, campers will have developed their skills and leave feeling proud.

There will be a range of skills clinics running through each camp. Click on each school holiday month for details on which skills clinics your child can choose from, and click each skills clinic for more details.

Ready to choose?

Read through our top tips on choosing skills clinics with your child .

Oh, and if you have any ideas for future skills clinics, please let us know.

Summer 2018 Camps *

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May 2019 Camps *

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* These are subject to change. Please note that we cannot guarantee that all the skill clinic activities will be available each week of camp.